Do YatePeople Care What They Share?

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By jennifermoss | Tuesday, February 07, 2012, 20:23


day is aimed to make people take stock of what they post online and how they

conduct themselves in the cyber world.


can all say things from behind a keyboard that we would never dream of saying

to someone's face and we can all judge from the comfort of our computer chairs,

but if you would say of do something to someone's face, then why do it from

behind a screen?


is very true of YatePeople at the moment. There are comments appearing online

that are hurtful and upsetting to users. This is not what we want to have on YatePeople;

we want users to feel welcome and valued.


you conduct yourself online can have an impact on your life from behind the

computer. Many employers now look up prospective employers on Facebook and many

are disappointed in what they see. Your online 'you' has become as important as

the real 'you.


Radio 1 has launched the Share, Take Care campaign to highlight the effects of

the Internet on your every day life.

The Internet is an ever-present part

of daily life and has many positive aspects but giving out too much personal

information and "over sharing" online can have consequences. Share Take

Care is all about helping parents understand those consequences so they can

help their children maintain a positive online experience and reputation. The

BBC's Share Take Care campaign

is part of its commitment to media literacy and online safety for young people.

Working in partnership with The UK Safer Internet Centre

to support Safer Internet Day, the BBC's campaign

aims to raise awareness of the issues around safeguarding reputation online.

Do you take care in what you share?



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    I apologise and I did not mean to offend. I agree with what you've all said. I was only trying to point out the irony of the group promoting literacy in general. I am an active user on Facebook, primarily for Scrabble, secondly for catching up with long-lost friends, and thirdly for the odd game of Poker when I'm feeling restless :)

    I, too, am horrified at some of the postings on there.......

    By GillAA at 19:25 on 19/02/12

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    And from looking online and listening to Radio 1, this story was posted on the day they launched their 'Share, Take Care' regarding online information and stories which links to the new Facebook timeline so it is correct in talking about being careful about what you put online about yourselves and others.

    By jean1510 at 16:46 on 19/02/12

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    I think GillAA, a comment like yours in exactly what Jennifer is talking about. There is no need to make such comments regarding others spelling and grammar. That is a personal thing that some people find difficult. Dont judge others before you know the details behind it.

    By jean1510 at 16:44 on 19/02/12

  • Profile image for yoman45135

    I have not noticed much insulting post's on this website but I do see what you mean also keep in mind sometimes to get your point across you have to be passionate about what your saying.

    By yoman45135 at 13:42 on 19/02/12

  • Profile image for GillAA

    I agree whole heartedly with what you are trying to say both as a woman and a mother, however and I quote, "The BBC's Share Take Care campaign is part of its commitment to media literacy"
    your own literacy and grammar is appalling. May be better to take heed of that first ?!

    By GillAA at 21:19 on 17/02/12

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