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Euro Taxis

08712 505555

Jorrocks Estate
BS37 8QH


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Perfect for me

I have been using Eurotaxis for 18 years both for business and social. They are always very reliable, have nice cars and friendly staff. I can't fault them at all.

By jeffie78 at 13:23 on 09/01/14


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5 Reviews of Euro Taxis

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    Perfect for me


    I have been using Eurotaxis for 18 years both for business and social. They are always very reliable, have nice cars and friendly staff. I can't fault them at all.

    By jeffie78 at 13:23 on 09/01/14

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    Currently waiting with 2 babies for a taxi which is over 30 minutes late, despite being told 20 minutes ago that it was on it's way. Shocking service.

    By Gromgeordie at 02:01 on 01/01/14

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    Worst taxi company of Bristol


    I used them quite a lot because my company has an agreement with them , they never NEVER arrive on time. Yesterday they didn't come at all. I waited 20 minutes, I called and they said that my taxi was on his way, then after having waited again 20 min I called another company.
    It was the same today , 45min late! I called 5 times and they said "your driver is on his way, he will arrive in 5'" When I talked to the driver he said that he called them to tell that he would be very late so they perfectly knew that I will have to wait for a long time and didn't tell me.
    They always accept a taxi trip even if they know that it is impossible to manage for the driver! We complain to the driver, but they still have the money of one more trip.
    That is business for them! I will never use this company again!

    By anneP at 20:01 on 18/09/13

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    Aweful customer service


    When I phoned for a quote for going to Bristol Airport recently, the guy (called himself Stephen, the only Stephen in the company!!) was very rude on the phone to me, Stephen acted as if he was much more superior than anyone else. I have used Euro Taxis before, but the experience with Stephen has totally put me off. In my view, Stephen has totally damaged the company image by talking to customer so rudely. I would not recommend using the company unless you could avoid speaking with Stephen!!!

    By madaboutdance at 13:15 on 13/07/11

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    Terrible Experience with Euro Taxi


    Myself and a friend travelled in a Euro
    Taxi and received extremely poor service. We were picked up from
    an area in south Bristol and we asked the driver to drop
    myself off first- which according to
    the staff at Euro Taxi should cost in the region of £8. We tried to make sure the
    driver understood that he would drop me first and my friend in
    north bristol, but he seemed uninterested and huffy.

    As we set off in the car the driver had no idea where he was going,
    and he kept impatiently asking me for directions. Myself or my friend
    do not drive so we didn't know how to get there via the roads etc so
    we weren't sure. As we were stressing and trying to figure out which
    way to go he kept making wrong turns and going completely the wrong
    way. I asked him if he could use his SATNAV but he kept mumbling that
    it wasn't plugged in and he didn't know how to work it. This confusion
    then caused him to keep going the wrong way and at a slow pace.

    When we eventually reached my house the driver charged me £10.85- a
    shocking amount for the distance and the fact that it was his poor
    knowledge of the roads and area. And at the same time he was getting
    confused with the amount of change to give me- when I hadn't even
    handed any money over yet. I then challenged him and said politely
    that he gone the wrong way because he didn't know where he was going
    and so could I have some money off. He then proceeded to tell me it
    was my fault that he had taken us the wrong way because I kept
    (unintentionally) telling him the wrong directions and didn't know
    exactly which way to go - which I thought was generally expected from
    the driver, not the passenger.

    Overall, the rude attitude I recieved and the overcharging of the fare has caused me to avoid the company Euro Taxi's service at all costs.

    By iFloed at 20:27 on 06/06/11


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